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Bitfenix neos standoffs

BitFenix’s Neos mid-tower chassis sits at the lowest rung of the company’s chassis product line. As such, it comes in at a very affordable $59.99 – a price that allows anyone to get a piece of the action. But a low price doesn’t always deliver on the “value” aspects we’d hope to see, so let’s find out what kind of ...

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BitFenix Neos ATX Tower Black

Simple yet stylish, feature-rich yet affordable, Neos is the ideal PC chassis for value seekers and first-time builders. All Prices Include VAT Stock Code: CA-164-BX “BitFenix Neos ATX Tower Black/Red” Designing a chassis that blends into any environment, yet allows for personal customization was no easy feat.

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Bitfenix Neos Computer Case Unboxing Review

Bitfenix Neos Computer Case Unboxing + Review, Nice Design Budget Computer Casing 🙂 (Review) This is a budget-entry computer casing priced at RM169 (non-window side panel) or RM175 (windowed-side panel) at this point of time. If you were to purchase Bitfenix Neos windowed-version, you get an additional 120mm L.E.D.

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